Monday, January 21, 2013

Ritual Madness Podcast Appearance 1/18/2013

Ritual Madness Podcast Appearance 1/18/2013

Last Friday, I appeared as a guest on a podcast of the site Greg and Jordan are great friends, musicians and fellow metalheads. We had a fun conversation about my work, my perspective as an artist, and a variety of other engaging and entertaining topics. If you have a free couple of hours, and want to know a bit more about me, tune in or download and listen at your leisure.

Support the arts. 8)

Ritual Madness Podcast, featuring Artemis Sere

Xenomorphine Published!


I've blustered about this book here for some time now. Well, the time has arrived. "Xenomorphine" is now available for purchase (and soon, download) at, released 1/15/2013. It will be available via in the coming weeks.

I would thank each of you individually for your support if I could. Please consider ordering this relatively inexpensive collection of my best work. At very least, it will transport you and make you feel.... something. I guarantee this book will jar you, provoke you, take you on a ponderous trip...  make you question reality.

And what it means to be human. Or alien.

Or artist.

Please enjoy, and let me know what you think. I'll post more about this book and the full "Bonesetter's Revenge" series in the near future. I had to take a break from Daily Thirteens because the last week was aflush with book stuff.

I thank you for your patience, your interest and your curiosity.



"Xenomorphine" by Artemis Sere on

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Artemis Sere's Daily Thirteen (20130109)

1.  (source unknown, captured from a Facebook share) "Bruce [Lee] had me up to three miles a day, really at a good pace. We’d run the three miles in twenty-one or twenty-two minutes. Just under eight minutes a mile [Note: when running on his own in 1968, Lee would get his time down to six-and-a half minutes per mile]. So this morning he said to me “We’re going to go five.” I said, “Bruce, I can’t go five. I’m a helluva lot older than you are, and I can’t do five.” He said, “When we get to three, we’ll shift gears and it’s only two more and you’ll do it.” I said “Okay, hell, I’ll go for it.” So we get to three, we go into the fourth mile and I’m okay for three or four minutes, and then I really begin to give out. I’m tired, my heart’s pounding, I can’t go any more and so I say to him, “Bruce if I run any more,” –and we’re still running-”if I run any more I’m liable to have a heart attack and die.” He said, “Then die.” It made me so mad that I went the full five miles. Afterward I went to the shower and then I wanted to talk to him about it. I said, you know, “Why did you say that?” He said, “Because you might as well be dead. Seriously, if you always put limits on what you can do, physical or anything else, it’ll spread over into the rest of your life. It’ll spread into your work, into your morality, into your entire being. There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level."

2.  I received an iPad for use at work. Very interesting to experience the net and social media via different tablets and experiences. I'm still very partial to my Google Nexus tablet, and love how it works and feels. The iPad is heavy and operates a bit clunkier than I expected. Even the Targus Pad Case it came with has oddly-angled ridges. Also, I'm a big fan of Nexus & Galaxy's Mini-USB, both from a Universal Adapter and root powering perspective. It took me a few minutes to realize that the iPad wasn't charging when plugged into another laptop via USB.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'm not an Apple Cultist, though, so you won't hear me singing praises of the tech. I grew up with Apple, back in the 80s & 90s and AppleMac days. More to come on my iPad UX.

3.  A good scout always has a backup plan stashed where no one expects to look.

4.  Life is a lot like field management in soccer. Run to the open space, create separation from those racing after you.

5.  Don't get full of yourself, or ahead of yourself. Stay hungry. Stay here.

6.  We so underestimate the power of the bug. Viruses are far more adaptive and predatory than we are, yet we spend very little real human resources figuring out how to track and beat them. It's virtually impossible for immunization sources to keep up with the rate of mutation, at least with the amount of serious resources put towards it right now. I may seem like I am against synthetic medicine, but that's only because I don't trust it's current state. Medicine is not presently in the business of curing people. By current economy and standards, it can't. More healing can only lead to fewer customers, and fewer customers is bad for bottom lines and bonus checks.

7.  "A great mind must be androgynous." (Coleridge)

8.  Klout Score 62. Proof that this stuff works. I watch my Engagement stats on, and am watching patterns. Fascinating what takes off and what doesn't, when it takes off and when it doesn't. Have to increase audience to expand test case.

9.  Must pick up Modestep's "Evolution Theory" in a couple of weeks. So pumped for that album. Gotta thank my pal from Sweden, Ola Damberg, for turning me onto them.

10. I don't let scenes define me. I don't worry about fitting anywhere. I am not so square.

11. The key to being a productive artist is accepting that your next work will be better than your last, and not dwelling on the imperfections of the product of the present. Do your best, and know your best will get better if you keep trying, practicing and working.

12. Burning bed, 1977. Hartford tornado, 1978. Pestalozziweg Apartment fire, 1985. Bavarian Boy Scout Camp Tornado, 1986. Car Accident on 36, 2005. Bridge Collapse of 35W, 2007. Coon Rapids Tornado, 2008.

13. Black Coffee Commitment Day 9 Complete.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


by artemis sere

O how
we happily be
our splintered plank
and fractured brackets
pulled uncarefully
and chaotically
from frame
under shame's weight
into busted timber
and blustered wood
left to warp and rot
weathered and useless
alone and

Artemis Sere's Daily Thirteen (20130108)

1. "Xenomorphine (The Bonesetter's Revenge, Book 2) releases a week from today. I am excited by that, and really should be more. Unfortunately, I'm in way too many music orbits that don't flock to written and visual art as they do bands or musicians. I lack too few passionate fans of my work. And, sadly, that number vacillates too much. I just don't know how to maintain an artistic brand without trying to connect with people at the same time; I think the process is pretty balanced these days. People want to have "conversations" with their brands, make them heroes, wear them, like them, promote them, show them in most ways they can, everything from their water bottles to their type of shoe. Yet, people can't seem to have an equal passion when it comes to art. The mainstream medias capture millions of eyes of this country; it's hard to steer interest elsewhere when you're an insignificant brand trying to stabilize yourself in a world that could care less unless you bleed.

2.  Corporations won't let America crash, but it will let it slide out of it's spot at the top of the power chain. To many in the USA, that is equal to a crash. There's nothing wrong with being #2. Perhaps America needs to consider such a placement as a positive step backwards, while the country convulses with the breadth of change it will deliver. Sometimes, you need to allow yourself to take two steps backwards in order to step strongly forward again. America's smart enough to strategize how to reclaim the helm, but it would require a level of change unfamiliar here.

3.  Sludge sinks, scum floats

4.  "Art is never finished, only abandoned." (da Vinci)

5.  I was emailed the lineup for Ultra 2013 today. It gave me pause for a second. Last year's trip to Miami was awesome, and one of my greatest and most life-defining experiences. But I don't want to do the show alone again, and there's no one in my orbit to coordinate a trip with. I feel like I should be bummed by that, but I'm not. I'm thinking of it as my internal map echoing "Redirecting Route" as a new course is plotted. That's the life I should strive to live, I suppose, as a single person with no family of my own. I should take it as a call to build new experiences. And, global ones. I'm thinking Colorodo later this year, and hopefully a cruise at the end of this year. But 2014...  we go global.  Hopefully, successful artistic projects will give me extra rocket boost towards that goal.

6.  We need to turn "hope" into "certainty".

7.  This piece is called "Razorjaw". It is a piece of graphic art I designed off of the inside of a tanning booth. I spend a great deal of time tanning (save your sermon), and love the look and feel of the inside of a tanning booth. The ultraviolet colors. The metals. The pure light. This piece, however, is pretty damn violent.

8.  Not a fan of Alex Jones or anymore. I don't think Piers Morgan is advocating that we have American guns taken away completely, and I think he's performing a valuable service in showing a mirror to the current American culture, leading the other side of the discussion. Unfortunately, fear rules.

9.  I think tundra hats are ugly. I suppose they're functional, but why someone would choose to wear one in less than tundra temperatures is beyond me.

10. 'Sere' is an acronym.

11. Some people wonder if Biotin really works as a hair and nail growth influencer, and I would say confidently yes, so long as you have the ability to grow those things  It won't help regrow hair or nails, but it will help it grow faster or give it strength. I've used it for extended periods of time over the last couple years and saw benefits from its use.

12. Life as an artist is endless and tiring work. Too bad I'm stuck with black coffee. Gotta remember that I need these skills for the long-term, not short. Overweight and diabetic will limit my window of production. I don't want to get there.

13. Black Coffee Commitment Day 8 Complete

Artemis Sere's Daily Thirteen (20130107)

1. Definitely disappointed that Viking's QB Christian Ponder had a bum elbow (seriously?! a bum elbow?), but happy that the Green Bay Packers finally look like a team to contend with. It took them all year for their team to heal up (minus the massive amount of players on IR), and for them to play a relatively complete game, but at least they're finding form in the playoffs. Some players just rise when it's needed most. I suppose I can relate to that.

2.  I going to miss the show "Fringe". I'm impressed with the range of scientific topics it covered over its five seasons. Most of all, I'm going to miss Anna Torv, who I really grew to appreciate with the show. I do have to admit that I hate the show tactic that has become common among Sci-Fi shows these days, where the transition between seasons sometimes jumps 6 months to multiple years into a future state of the character and plot. This tactic was used mostly terribly in the show "Heroes", but recently encountered it in both "Supernatural" and "Fringe". The end of the fourth season of "Fringe" was exciting and interesting, but the fifth season branched off of episode 19, not the final episode of the 4th Season. "Fringe" is done in the next few weeks, and I must say that I've enjoyed the ride. 

3.  “Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world.” (da Vinci)

4.  This is a picture of me last year on Miami Beach. I was down there for a show called "Ultra Festival". It was my full-on immersion with Dubstep and Electronic music, and it was awesome. I'll call it life-changing; I'm sure I'll reference it often. It was an amazing trip; a very lonely trip, but amazing. I got a shitload of great photography, but focused much of my time on the beach and enjoying the sun, surf and beautiful solitude. 

5.  One Direction? Seriously?

6.  I do not watch mainstream TV. Ironically, I don't like the programming of everything in between what you're there to see. So much good air wasted on convincing you that you need something that you really don't. Most of the time. Or, it's an ad for another TV show, which you probably shouldn't watch anyway. You should be up, doing something. Pushing away atrophy more than checking into the shutdown ward. But it hurts. I know. I know the pain. I feel it, and know it well. As someone that has suffered with two chronic health conditions for the last eleven years, I've had far more bad days than good ones. But I've learned that if you don't fight, if you let the programming tell you what you want, instead of defining your boundaries and learning how to evolve, you will be lost to their stream, not your own.

7.  I know I'm strange. I suppose my way of thinking is based on my past-life experiences. Spent most of my childhood living in Germany and Belgium, away from the grand ol' USA. I don't fit or fit in well. I smile well, I suppose, but there's much about the society that I returned to that I never fully understood. Honestly, I still don't. And, I suppose it is because I am honest. I think evolution will comes from tracking our patterns, living outside of the normal, understanding and redefining what it means to be human, without the straps of myth. 

8.  But I appreciate myth, and religion. While I equate all religion as formalized, centralized myth, I appreciate the power both hold on the human race. As an evolving creature, it was necessary for us to develop genesis stories, endtime stories, heroes, legends, gods, goddesses, we have recycled them all throughout time. Plotlines rewritten with each rewriting of human. Themes remain the same over a long timeline. Lessons unlearned as a species will someday be our reckoning. I'm not going to subscribe myth to that prediction; I'm not going to suggest a timetable to that statement. We're fundamentally unable as a species to find an equilibrium outside of the orbit of greed. Myth and religion keep greed spinning through our creature, necessary and dangerous at the same time.

9.  People need myth and religion to calm their fears, when passionate belief ultimately replaces one set of fears with another. Faith itself doesn't require myth or religion to survive; it need only the absence of fear. We may never have answers about the reality of what happens after a human dies. Many will say that they know, but there is no replicable proof. That's why I'm a Secular Humanist.

"I've looked at life from both sides now,
From win and lose, and still somehow
It's life's illusions i recall.
I really don't know life at all."


10. For some reason, spent today thinking a lot about my "Blackhawk Rising" project that I started with Dwight Brakel five or six years ago. The goal was to write a "Apocalypse Book" involving 2012. To be honest, I think he just wanted to write a book, and I was too all-over-the-place in my life and on that concept that I eventually got lost in where I thought it should go, and the book project never went anywhere. At the other side of the dreaded 2012 date now, I look at the concept differently and have found some very enticing pieces of the story concept that I may be able to reversion into something that works. Long-term goal, but something I want to consider.

11. Blackhawk Rising general concept: Fifty years into the future, mankind is struck by a debilitating avian influenza virus that destroys most human life on the planet, and sends the survivors into hiding. Over time, the carrion creatures on the surface of Earth that feed off the bodies of diseased humans evolve at a mutated rate, a side effect of a virus gone wrong. Eventually termed the "Blackhawk" virus for the creatures that became the next dominant species chain, mankind fights survival against an avian world that has turned against them. And hunts them. But Edwin Lazarus just can't seem to die, no matter how hard he tries, no matter how many nests he has to clear from skyscapers, and no matter how many antidotes he finds. He knows he is more like them than his own race.And that doesn't scare him. More often than not, it's the humans that scare him. Hunter and anti-hero, he takes on Blackhawk while trying to find the cure in a world that has shut down and hid itself underground, as a dark-winged future unfolds and takes hold.

12. Headaches today.

13. Black Coffee Commitment Day 7 Complete

Artemis Sere's Daily Thirteen (20130106)

1.  I can see an adaptation of my story concept "The Bad Man" on the big screen or as a series. Wizardpriests and the Wild Wild West could be a fun, entertaining combination. I wish I had more time to flesh it out.

2.  Keep moving forward.

3.  Ink moves quick. The goal is not to control ink, but provide definition into which it can flow. As Bruce said, "Be like water".

4.  Decided to chop and color the mop ahead of seasonal schedule. I'm not sure if it's perception or reality, but I've grown weary with trying to grow my hair out again. This may be a topic that I will blog on in the future. A vain, selfish topic, to be sure, but I'm alarmed at the perceptions that males have of professional peers with "hair". Just silly. At least I got a photo shoot out of this length.

5.  Madness without method is unproductive.

6.  I need to start running in Spring, and Jeff said he'll run with me. I want to pull that into my orbit this year, see what happens if I become a runner. I've never been one, and I'm a bit intrigued by having that in my life as something I can do well.  Maybe for a 5k or 10k race. I don't know. I manage my workout schedule well at L.A. Fitness right now, and I'm able to Stairmaster for an hour at some pretty high levels while writing, but actual running isn't something I've done in a long time. Not since my Soccer era.  Methinks I should give that a shot again.  May help the Artemis Engine.

7.  I have no idols. I have influences, but no idols. My influences will be apparent by who I quote in these Dailies. There's no need to list them now.

8.  The piece of art above is called "The Beholder (Indigo Remix)". It was originally a painting of a rose that I did and digitally tweaked into a monster. In gaming realms, a "Beholder" is a big floating eye with many eye stalks that have magic powers. It is a fearsome creature, one to fear. I have tweaked this version of it many times to the version it is now, each treatment an evolution of the original subject. 

9.  My mood ring color is presently bright blue, which means I am relaxed.

10. I was ousted from being the Mayor of Sparta on Foursquare today. Some dude named Gavin. I don't plan to fight his coup. I suppose it's a bit laughable that I ever cared that I was the Foursquare Mayor of a town that I only spent 4 years living in.

11. Honestly, there aren't many holidays that affect me anymore. I do love my traditional Christmas and Thanksgiving memories, but I don't prefer to celebrate them how I once did. I was never a big fan of Easter. It usually meant In-Laws, dressing up and eating too much, regardless of whether or not I believed in the "spirit" of the holiday. I've never had much luck or fun on the Fourth of July or New Year's, both traditional party event seasons. I suppose my fun has been long weekends of concerts over Memorial or Labor Day weekend. Most typically, those have been mine to own, without many past-life memories connected to them. But, no matter what, Valentine's Day sucks. For some reason, I'm more single than taken at this time of year, and I tend to spend the Lover's Day alone. It shouldn't get to me, but, again, those past-life memories are hard to silence. The day once meant a great deal to me, when I was married, engaged, connected, and not this. But this is what it is, and I'm not dwelling on my current state of existence. 

12. For without focus, madness is the method.

13. Black Coffee Commitment Day 6 Complete

Artemis Sere's Daily Thirteen (20130105)

1.  Bad Man general concept: Had an amazingly productive meeting with my new collaborator, Jamey Olson. We agreed on some direction for a partnership, and set some preliminary goals of what we want to accomplish before he moves to Los Angeles in May. We are going to flesh out and adapt my concept, "The Bad Man" (TBM), for screenplay. TBM is an odd story involving modern graverobbers, an ancient priest and 1800s Wild Wild West. Hard to explain in this small space. I may elaborate on it more in the near future. As Jamey and I come closer to completing the concept, I'll give updates. More to come.

2.  The stricken inherit the truth and the lie.

3.  Each is now rocket fuel for the next bloodletting of heaven.

4.  Let your words be your weapons, your characters be your warriors and your be stories your battlefields.

5.  Quit being the tourist and be the guide.

6.  "So neglect becomes our ally."

7.  Let Art speak for you. "Sevas tra."

8.  Where the simple of flock may not see beyond the prop, an Imagineer sees a propeller and invents a method of flight.

9.  I am at violent odds with a life and cause considered crazy by the common flock. The way I live is incongruent with the family orbit in which I was raised.

10. I often ask myself "What the hell am I doing here?" The answer changes in composition and structure over the years, but a common theme remains: artist. For better or worse, rich or poor, I am married to this. I do wish the crusade wasn't so lonely, but the focused do not make such things a priority. I know there's not enough time left for all I want to do and create.

11. Maybe a true artist does his/her best work under the struggle of limited resources, when the creative imagine ways to survive and other worlds in which to do it.

12. I get headaches and migraines from overworking and underhydrating my gray matter. Lots of headaches and aftershocks lately.

13. Black Coffee Commitment Day 5 Complete.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Artemis Sere's Daily Thirteen (20130104)

1. Curation has become as powerful as creation; people need diversity of information sources and streams. This mass consumerism of information will rapidly evolve the species in a myriad of ways.

2.  Thank you, Anonymous, for upholding human justice, regardless of cause or curse. Human first.

3.  We need to reassess what the core competencies and advantages are for our creature and accept that we're building machines to do some things better, like memorization and linguistic bridging. If we want to be saved as a race, we will need machines to bear equal weight and balance some human imperfections. Peace exists in the harmonic singularity of pixel, presence and passion.

4.  Enola reven.

5.  "The crack inside your heart is me."

6.  Wear your pain as war paint.

7.  ...we of tenebrous flight and furious might....

8.  I lie somewhere in between more than I am and less than I seem.

9.  Only you can smooth the sharp edges of your jagged self.

10. ...creativity is the holiest of endeavors; it illuminates the obscure imperfections of our divine; cracks the tabula rasa in two..

11. Walk as if you are climbing earth.

12. Every mirror cracks eventually, fragmenting sanity into shards of imperfect reflection.

13. Black Coffee Comitment Day 4 Complete.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Knives and Forks

My nights are somewhat turbulent and unsettled now, the template of restlessness applied perfectly. I wake early, still tired, and return to sleep. In between 6-9am, I seem to get my best sleep. I wake groggy, but ready to begin the day.

Today, I made it to the bagelry early, but both outlet booths were taken. I couldn't get "X" on track at the bagelry, made worse by the striking blonde that drew my distraction for as long as I ate my breakfast. 

Determined to get some good work done on "X", I left the bagelry once I had finished eating, and drove through snowy weather to the Roseville Library, which was relatively quiet. I unpacked my system at a desk with an outlet, but realized that I forgot the cord to my hard drive.

Two attempts at starting today, two failures.  And, now, I'm left to blogging, my initial directives derailed by my forgetful memory and nomadic ways of this life. Eventually, the fragmentation in my mind will blur into my life, causing discombobulation in both places.

I live a fragmented life. I work hard to order the chaos in all phases, but cannot continue to fight the scourge that consumes every front. The fragmentation of my orbit has led to a difficulty of focus. I seldom have a stable and dynamic place to create, and without that artistic nexus point, I am unable to evolve, move, grow, produce at the rate I need to push me further.

The way of the modern artist: take the desolate and starving path, or survive in the common flow.  Not a minute to spare, every mistake a costly error, every moment lost an opportunity sunk in the wastes, knives and forks too sharply tossed together, scratching and scathing with every scrape of metal. Sparks are inevitable in the friction of disharmonic paths.

Soon, my vacation will be over, and I'll begin a new year. Wiser, I suppose. Stranger, I can only assume. Lots of projects and goals for 2013. It begins with releasing "Xenomorphine" so I can move on to seriously writing "Scream Queen". I have reconstructed the "Fetch" concept around the type of person I am now, and that has caused ripple effects throughout the existing content I had developed. I think it's necessary, though, because the story works better now. It's different, a bit less "Biblically or Mythologically Horrific" and more raw, psychoscientific horror. I like the concept a lot better now, and am excited about the varied directions that I'll be able to go with it once I've got the first book off the ground.

So much to do, so little time. So many sparks, so little fire.

These days, so far from warm, and in dire need of a solar flare.

Artemis Sere's Daily Thirteen (20130103)

1.  We must protect the balance, defend the center.

2.  If we attack atrophy, we delay its inevitable momentum. Someday, technology will deliver us better control of our metabolism and decay, much as we have evolved energy efficiency in our machines.

3.  Death toll in Syria has reached the size of Minneapolis suburban city.

4.  Our pain is relational.

5.  I need to start the situps I talked about two days ago.

6.  I find it disturbing that someone's divine power actually cares what they're wearing while at a public gym, especially if it involves someone wearing a long headpiece and cultural dress longer than her shoes while trying to ride an exercise bike, looking very uncomfortable and uncoordinated in the process. 

7.  Every religion is borne of human blood, every faith born of bioelectrical spirit.

8.  Two focuses for 2013: Creation and curation.

9.  We are the disease, and there is no cure for being human.

10. Winners of my Creative Pay It Forward Deal:  Sonja Chenard, Kris Darling, Petey Symone, Chaosheavymetalguru Journalist, Melissa Dodge, Heather Hoge Rasmussen, Chris "Mr. Attitude" Kaminsky, Kim Durand Ask, Melanie Olsen, Shawna Benish, and Judy Lijewski Van Vleet. I still need to coordinate time with Chris Olson and Sara Aipperspach to deliver them their posters, "In Between States" and "Calhoun Daze".

11. Win the war within first.

12. Commentary is social currency.

13. Black Coffee Commitment Day 3 Complete.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Artemis Sere's Daily Thirteen (20130102)

1.  I had to revise my blog layout again--some things changed, but most stayed the same. It is still a work in progress. Something happened with the template producer's source files, and the blog titling lost its consistent formatting. I also integrated Social Sharing functions into the pages, so my content can now be posted in your favorite social space. SHARE AWAY!

2.  The 3M Protective Eyewear shoot went pretty well, though I am definitely tired of my look. I will post pics from the shoot to my Instagram and Facebook profiles shortly, but I am patiently looking forward to "spring renewal". I just need to coincide renewal with consistent gym visitation.

3.  "Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try".

4.  Anne Hathaway in "Les Miserables" reminded me of a cross between 90s Sinead O'Connor and Enya.

5.  IAMX "Volatile Times": Soundtrack to these days.

6.  Sometimes, I need to be reminded that Red Vines do not qualify as a food group.

7.  (+1 Fan) Long-time friend Jamie Burns became a fan of my art. Romanian goddess/friend Vivi Ball was nice enough to share my first "Daily Thirteen" with her orbit. Many thanks to both of them, and to each person that engages with my craft.

8.  "Kill, yes. Divorce, no." (Old Georgian joke pertaining to how long Russians live, and how death trumps divorce as their common way to end a marriage.)

9.  Mayan Apocalypse and U.S. Fiscal Cliff averted within weeks of each other. Sometimes, I think we create major tragedies to keep our future selves entertained.

10.  Building augmented realities, one metaverse at a time.

11. "For the mystic, what is how. For the craftsman, how is what. For the artist, what and how are one." (McElcheran)

12. A photographer was killed trying to take a picture of Justin Bieber while stopped for a traffic violation. I should mourn the death of a fellow artist, but I'm more appalled that someone as talentless and vapid as Bieber has both a Ferarri and a Fisker Karma. He's 18. I don't see the benefit to society of having millionaire teenage idols.

13. Day 2 of Black Coffee Commitment complete.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reflections of 2012: The Edge of Anew

Reflections of 2012: The Edge of Anew

2012 was a year of growth for me, but also a year of drifting further away from paved roads and common airs. It was a year of tangible, marked evolution, and a year of gaining stability, getting fat and growing my hair out, and gracefully meeting every challenge with measured stress and unshakable confidence.

It was the year that I owned up to the reality that I have nothing left to lose.

I observed 12.12.12 12:12:12, my 39th birthday, with renewed purpose and mostly solitary observance. It was the year that I turned away from the holidays of common civilization, and worked to make my own.

It was a year of commitments, and artistic camaraderie, of rising to meet the goals of Circle36 and previous projects, and of production at an unfamiliar level.  It was a year of professional success and development, of accepting what needed to be done to excel, putting achievement before life.

It was the year I became fascinated with Quantum Physics and alternate answers, opened my creativity to a larger landscape and color spectrum. It was the year that I accepted Transhumanism as a personal path, and began an online conversation over Facebook via a Secular Transhumanism page.

It was the year that I reached a social media Klout score equal to celebrities. It was also the year that I sold my social media presence out for the sake of increasing audience and engagement, took on content curation and sharing. I evolved my blog and website, connected all of my social media presences by the common brands of Artemis Sere and Set In Bone. In February, I discovered Instagram, and that space has pushed me to reconcept many of my previous works through different lenses and filters and approaches, advancing my own creative craft.

I have many people to thank for the greatness of my year, and conversely, I have many people to name for the valleys of 2012. I know I was the digger of most of the pits of my year. But this isn't about the effigy, as I have come to prefer the tabula rasa approach. Erase the board and move on to the next story problem.

Life is a constant struggle, and I must remain vigilant.

The future isn't about partnerships or unity, though both are necessary for human sanity; it's about steps toward a lasting and memorable story, whomever I am lucky enough to share it with. The characters consistently change. The true and necessary ones make themselves known to my orbit, and apply their own gravitational force to our connection.

It was a year of violence. Of super storms and misguided murderers.

Of an apocalypse averted, and the next in the works.

For the first complete year in many, I felt physically well and good. Fat, healthy and sturdy. I paid off lots of bills from my dead years, and took some amazing trips, imprinted some sweet memories.

Artemis Sere's Daily Thirteen (20130101)

1.  First day of 2013. I'm going to attempt to blog thirteen random "things" on a daily basis. Thoughts. Reflections. Observations. Neat shit that happened in my world. Events. Shoutouts. Updates. And tie those with a clip of a recent piece of my art. Why? I'd like to be able to look back over the year and track my accomplishments, creations, peaks, valleys, tweets, pics, and tracker of lost, sometimes insignificant, details of my life, as well as use this forum as a kickstarter for my daily need to write. So, with out further ado, let's do this.

2.  Feel asleep watching the end of Season 4 of "Fringe" at 10pm on New Year's Eve. That's how exciting my life is. Love the show, though, and the chemistry between Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv. Quite bummed that it's done after this season. That aside, let's aim for a more spectacular start to 2014.

3.  (+1 fan) MC Rentz is a fan of my art.

4.  Creative plans for my holiday were derailed by headaches and family heartaches.

5.  History repeats itself, even when you don't want it to.

6.  Even the most sheltered, immature, naive person is capable of hurting others.

7.  Need to do 13 situps, 3xDay, 365. Need to commit to the elimination of the tire again.

8.  I'm confused why our culture glorifies infidelity, yet considers itself pious.


10. Life is a constantly glitchy, sometimes skiptastic, remix of dynamic harmony, always evolving and ever 
symphonic. Tune in.

11. I wont go down without a fight. Blame it on the Irish in me.

12. Resolves to only drink coffee black in 2013. Too many excess calories from turning my coffee into a dessert. Black Coffee Commitment day 1 complete.

13. Had a great secondhand store art crawl over the holidays. Here are some of my rescues.

Found a neat children's book called "The Six Servants. Grimm Brothers story with art from Sergei Goloshapov.

"a virginal affair"
oil on canvas
titled by artemis sere, original title unknown
original artist unknown
rescued 12.31.12 in Apple Valley, MN

"passing through"
oil on canvas
titled by artemis sere, original title unknown,
original artist: Sandy Mathe
rescued 12.31.12 in Apple Valley, MN

oil on canvas
original title unknown
original artist: Miller Rafferty
rescued 12.31.12 in Apple Valley, MN

"blue nun"
oil on canvas
david salisbury
rescued 12.31.21 in Roseville, MN

oil on canvas
titled by artemis sere, original title unknown
original artist unknown
rescued 12.31.12 in Apple Valley, MN

titled by artemis sere, original title unknown
original artist unknown
rescued 12.31.12 in Roseville, MN