Saturday, December 15, 2012

Artemis Sere's Ten Best Albums of 2012

I love these albums, each and every one, for very different reasons. This isn't trendy stuff, or anti-trendy recommendations. These are the albums that I couldn't stop listening to this year, where I found my interest constantly circling back to these artists and albums at some point in the year. This was a year of musical evolution for me. Blame it on Korn, if you want; last year's "The Path of Totality" sent me packing in a different musical direction, away from the common metallurgy that I was accustomed to. 

And, boy, am I glad that I took the trip. Dubstep. Crunkstep. Glitchstep. Bassnectar. Bare. Excision. J Devil. Messinian. Zomboy. Whatever you want to call it. I dug it, hardcore. A trip to the Ultra Music Festival in Miami last March probably cemented my love of it. This music is alive, popping with electricity and human energy, providing depth to an otherwise mundane thump. This fun spin of nuevo techno was something that expanded my own creativity, got me thinking in different directions and appreciating other styles.  This list will reflect this year of adventure and change.  Many of you may not know these artists, but I implore you to try them. There are three "metal" bands on this list, which is a vast departure for me. I'm typically more "metal heavy"; this year was a departure, of sorts, but I discovered some great artists. The rest are an electic mix of techno, electronica, dubstep, atmospheric glitchstep, and cornucopia of many other styles.

My favorite find this year was an artist by the name of Liquid Stranger. By far, his catalog captured my imagination and got my physical and creative juices flowin' throughout the year. Martin Woods of Chillbase describes Liquid Stranger's music as a “unique blend of Ambience, Big Band Jazz, Dubstep and Psychedelica drizzled over electronic Dub Reggae grooves.” (Wikipedia)

That's me in a nutshell:  one tripped out mix of chaos, color and madness. I wouldn't have it any other way, I guess. 8)  Please give these albums and/or artists a spin.

10. Outside the Murder- Indoctrination

9.   Datsik - Vitamin D

8.   Dead Can Dance - Anastasis

7.   Liquid Stranger - Cryogenic Encounters

6.   Knife Party - Rage Valley EP

5.   Everything Goes Cold - The Tyrant Sun

4.   In This Moment-Blood

3.   Lamb of God - Resolution

2.   Bassnectar - Vava Voom

1.   Saltillo - Monocyte

the grand antithesis

the grand antithesis
copyright 2012 artemis sere

in spring,
surrender death
not birth;

in summer,
render ice
not hearth;

in autumn,
recall life
not the fall;

and in winter,
summon flame
to melt them 

On the Twelves

(written on 12.12.12)

Today, I celebrate my 39th birthday, surrounded by a few friends and a celebratory social network of people that I've mostly never met, or have known from a different chapter of my life. I appreciate the kindness of all, nonetheless. It is a pay-it-forward time, and the social experiment of Artemis Sere is dedicated to educating and enriching the lives of others; it is nice to know that it is working, in some respects.

It is a crisp winter day, the local community recovering from a dumping of a foot of heavy snow a few days ago. The wheels are beginning to spin as normal again, unlike this day two years ago, when I was completely snowed in. Life is a bit like that on a regular basis these days: the weight of it all can make the roads impassible, slowing the gears of us all to a crawl.

I know I am a victim of my own ambition. My focus on evolving Artemis Sere has driven everything real from my world. In this fake space, time flies, and there is no spectre of dying. Maybe this is the infinite answer to pushing away atrophy, or maybe this is just the most efficient path between points A and B. No myth. No faith. A handful of doubt and a Bible of more questions than answers.

I live, without reservation and without looking back. I allow the alien to take over completely, and learn to appreciate the mysterious middle of nowhere, place my escape in the path of totality and singularity. This is an unknown landscape.

Maybe, like the Pilgrims, I escaped here to avoid persecution. But then, as a virus does in the landscape of its violent host, I fight for stability and survival, for control of resources necessary for survival and replication. In time, the virus evolves and adapts.  Through bloodshed and symbiosis, compromise and gnosticism, it hangs on. Finds away. Claws and crawls its way out from under the weight of chalky fallen skies. Inching towards the light, ever toward the primordial and comfortable pockets of heat. 

And give thanks for surviving the fight, seldom acknowledging the death that went into life.

I spent roughly ten years fighting to survive, against medical and spiritual odds. Like a virus or a Pilgrim or a kid tasked with carving a foot of fallen snow, we're all working against gravity--both physical and meta. Our resilience and security assured with every child that grows up to know how to shovel, how to be strong when the heavy years bear down.

On this intersection of twelves, I am thankful for my renewed strength to fight. You cannot appreciate the integrity of a human life until it's taken from you and replaced with faulty bricks and imperfect mortar. While my fate may fall in line with that of Fortunado, cask in hand and walls slowly building around me, I am not afraid. 

This shovel buried in my heart will never break or rust or fall to splinter.

why we hold hands

why we hold hands
from "Xenomorphine (The Bonesetter's Revenge, Book2)
copyright 2012 artemis sere.

i think
i think too much
these days
sink too quick into
strange spaces
beyond watchful
out of sight, yet
never out of
the periphery
of the core
of it all, yet
in direct trajectory
of the sky's
rapid fall,
'ignorance is grace'
you recall to me
when I've lost
my way,
when my path
runs wide and wildly
when taken by
the wind's wicked
and relentless
i hold fast
in the center
to the words you
lovingly said,
'mother nature
always has other plans;
that why it's important that 
you and I always
hold hands.'

caste away

caste away
from "Xenomorphine (The Bonesetter's Revenge, Book2)"
copyright 2012 artemis Sere

I suppose 
these things happen
as a natural course of evolution
of a species with bloody roots
and murderous mechanics
our innocence stripped away
on the conveyor belt of arrogance
re-purposed as component parts
for automated, dumbed-down avarice
progress printed in blood
and inked on bruised currency
with the faces of our fallen idols
who won our favor through supremacy
and victory, vengeance and
a violence-pressed history

I suppose 
these things happen
when death is our way of life
when chemtrails are our cover
and drones our nightlights
when lullabies are substituted
by elegies and laughter
when division is the constant
of happily ever after
when wands and staves
are exchanged for rockets 
and slaves
and tiaras and innocence 
are traded on a wall-
streeted stage.

I suppose
these things happen
when bottom lines
become top of mind
when lies become a civilized
and celebrated reality
when existence is surrendered
to mythic authority
when apathy becomes
our captive laws
we pray to supposed gods
to forgive our
natural flaws

so call the witch to counsel
to save the ones gone
end the curse that has befallen us
and bless this caste


copyright 2012 artemis sere.

they bear
the burden
of our failures
frail and helpless
these breakable stems
with budding thorns
their thirst for light
suffocated by night
their stretch for height
stunted by violence
their impressionable sight
tinted red by silencers
they are the flower
cloned of wicked water
whose crimson petals
know no better than
to bend, wilt and
weather with 
every new

sereBeacon (cascade remix)

Monday, December 10, 2012

"Xenomorphine" Release Delayed (NOW 1.15.13)

"Xenomorphine" Cover. copyright 2012 artemis sere.

"Xenomorphine" Release Delayed (NOW 1.15.13)

For the last couple of months, I have worked tirelessly to pull together my second book of the Bonesetter's Revenge series, "Xenomorphine".  You may have seen excerpts from the book on Facebook, Instagram, or this blog. I have promoted the 12.12.12 date as the release date for this piece. These books are more than just words; they are a unique, interactive intersection of contemplation, poetry, prose and picture. In order to make them affordable and readable at the same time, I must achieve the right Greyscale balance throughout the printed piece, thus calling for rounds of print tests of the book to achieve an agreeable equilibrium of shadow. These books take longer to develop than a mainstream novel, and are akin to a graphic novel or magazine.

The good news is that the book is complete, and I am very excited about the finished product. It is far and away a better, more interesting, dynamic and accessible book than "Obscurious" (which was intended to be dark and brooding).

The bad news is that I'm not ready to sign off on it as finished. I'd like to perform more tweaks to it, and will not make my targeted release date of 12.12.12. There has been personal turbulence along the way which has delayed the release of "Xenomorphine", including a full redesign of concept a couple of months ago, purchasing of new laptops and software, and, generally, the answering of a deeper question of whether I want to keep doing this, sacrificing my hours in the name of Art, further distancing myself from common and normal orbits for sake of creativity, self-imposing exile in the name of production.

I like being artistic, but sometimes have a difficult time with the monk-state of the life of an artist.

I'll blog about my process--and the trials and tribulations involved--at another time when I have an open creative window. Immediately, I am driven to finish up "Xenomorphone" and make the paper and eBook versions available as soon as possible.

The new release date for "Xenomporhine" is now 1/15/13, and I am targeting both paper and eBook releases for the same day.  More information to follow regarding both.

Thank you very much for your patience and participation in my artistic orbit.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Artemis Sere's Creative Objectives (2013)

Artemis Sere's Creative Objectives (2013)

These are projects that I am targeting for completion and launch in 2013.  I am only aiming to complete ten projects, as some are more comprehensive than others. Some of these projects are still being fleshed out, and project details being determined. Please check this blog for more information in the near future. 2013 will be a very ambitious and productive year for me.

These projects are ranked in order of importance, along with a brief description of each project and the estimated launch date. Thanks for your interest and participation in my orbit.  All concepts and content copyright 2012/2013 artemis sere.

  1. 1. "Scream Queen" [December 2013]
    My first novel and an introductory story to the "Fetch" Trilogy. Jess Loveless has it all--a successful rock band, a B-horror movie career, and fetish model following. A freak accident flips her world upside-down, and while she struggles to recover, she discovers a side of her talents that she never knew existed. And would've been better off not discovering. Available via and

  2. 2. "Xenomorphine (eBook)" [February2013]
    "Xenomorphine" is Book2 of my Bonesetter's Revenge collection. The books were designed interactively for paper, but I am also making the original color version available as a purchasable, downloadable eBook. Available via and

  3. 3. LAG CD Project [January/Feburary 2013]
    CD cover art for a local rock band named LAG.

  4. 4. "Scream Queen" Jess Loveless Book Cover Photo Shoot [June/July 2013]
    Working with an unidentified local artist for the cover

  5. 5. Artemis Sere Serenity Gallery Showing [Sept 2013]
    A public display some of my best works from my Serenity Gallery, a collection of posterized pieces of my art. Location undetermined.

  6. 6. "Obscurious (Darkestar Risen Edition)" [April 2013]
    "Obscurious" is Book1 of my Bonesetter's Revenge collection. It was originally created in Black and White, without a digital edition.  This version is a reconcepting of "Obscurious" for digital, with creative revisions and tweaked style. It will be primarily available as an eBook, with full shadowy color. Available via and

  7. 7. "Xenomorphine (Junkie Shakes Edition)" [November 2013]
    "Xenomorphine" is Book2 of my Bonesetter's Revenge collection. This version is a crazy revision of "Xenomorphine", with wild style and kinetic feel. It will be primarily available as an eBook, with full tweaked color. Available via and

  8. 8. "Xenomorphine", "Seerum Studios", "Antithesis Press" Merch/T-Shirts [May 2013]
    Merch. Who doesn't want a cool t-shirt?

  9. 9. "The Skeleton Men" Sketches [December 2013]
    Concept designs for "The Skeleton Men", Book3 of the Bonesetter's Revenge, which is planned for a 2014 release.

  10. 10. Untitled/Undetermined Artistic Collaboration [TBD]
    Don't have this concepted or planned yet. Target to collaborate with a local artist on an undetermined work. This is flexible and variable.