Monday, October 17, 2011


I received my first posters printed from my Serenity Gallery today.  They were processed by and are decent quality.  Matte print. Color. Black and white. 24x36 prints.

My Silent Exile.
Mandrake Season.
Season's End.
Blood of the Naiad.

I believe they look amazing. They are the beginning, the first of the new brood.  Even though I have no customers, I have developed a product and made it available. I once criticized artists that had no venue for their works to be purchased. I now have printed art, but no demand.

I am giving away "My Silent Exile" and "Season's End" to a United Way Auction at work.  People will purchase them, and my art will end up in their homes.  This is how an artists lives, I suppose: through representation in the lives of others.  Most of the money I make at my day job goes towards funding the artistic (or spiritual) evolution of my customers, advancement of my ability to express the darkness within.

It is through them I live, through them I survive and evolve.  It is through them I breathe.

And keep the darkness alive.

In 24x36 spaces.

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